A celebration of collaboration.

The Fruits of OUR Labour

Nothing is truly a one-man job.

The celebration of Labour Day is essentially one of collaboration. It is based around the recognition of workers from all sectors and their unique contributions. It is a recognition of how our economy is an ecosystem made up of a multitude of different sectors, ranging from manufacturing, hospitality, information technology, research and development to education. Each and every sector plays a part in the whole picture that is the life we get to lead daily. Every sector is also reliant on other sectors.

As part of the education sector, Academia is required to stay at the forefront of global advancements and developments so that we can ensure the best for our students, be it the delivery or the actual content. And all these depend on collaboration — whether directly or indirectly — with different sectors.

2020 clearly demonstrates to us that education today is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom. It has become essential for education to transcend the traditional physical spheres of delivery, to make full use of the transcendence and accessibility the Internet grants us. This is why Academia’s digitalisation project became a key focus in recent years, and especially so last year in light of the pandemic. Of it came the accelerated birth of Cogito.

Since the launch of Cogito in December 2020, we have been releasing more content and features that are supplementary and complementary to our class curriculum - materials and guidance that are traditionally less accessible and limited by the constraints of a physical classroom. All of these come in the form of extra courses that as a student of Academia, you will be enrolled in aside from your regular class.

In your regular class courses on Cogito, you will be able to submit your homework and track your assignments, feedback and grades from your T. The convenient Parent account also grants parents an easy overview of all your children's (who are enrolled in Academia) assignments, quizzes and grades.

The extra courses are what we call Cogito General Courses. These courses are anything but general: having been very deliberately created for specific levels of our students, with additional content on specially selected topics to provide our students with additional materials to further enhance their usual in-class curriculum. There are many drill and quizzes designed with instant grading and feedback provided to assist our students with self-directed learning outside of the classroom, in their own time.

These General Courses' content are constantly being developed and updated to answer to the demands of MOE's curriculum, and global trends. Look forward to an even more robust galaxy of resources as we grow Cogito overtime.

This digitalisation of our curriculum not only ensures that we are constantly providing our students with edge-cutting resources, but also ensures that they remain at the forefront of the global economy. Additionally, it provides us with an additional layer of insurance and security, where we have tools that are readily available to all our clients, should a situation like Circuit Breaker occur again.

If you have yet to explore the full potential of Cogito with all of our General Courses, we urge you to do so now. If you have any queries about Cogito or your account, you may find your answers here, or you may also choose to contact our Front Desk for direct assistance via any of their official channels, linked at the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen.

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