'Tis the season of giving, and we're gifting our clients with our unique goods...

The Gift of Giftedness.

It is the season of giving, and we wanted to spend December gifting our clients with the unique goods we have to share: the gift of giftedness. We started a week ago, when we introduced you to Cogito with your Learner and Parent accounts. We hope that you had plenty of fun exploring the platform and Cogito-exclusive course your child has been enrolled in. For newly confirmed clients, we will enrol you in the coming days.

The gift is not yet complete! We are pleased to reveal the remaining four aspects of our Christmas gift that we hope will completely transform and truly elevate the learning experiences for all of our clients and students in the coming new year.

As you unwrap this gift, all of us from the A-team wish you and your family a truly wonderful and cosy Merry Christmas! 🎄

Unwrapping Cogito further.


2021 Class Enrolments on Cogito

You should all be enrolled in Cogito for your courses next year already, regardless of whether you registered for Masterclass Campus (MC) or Masterclass Online (MO) courses. We note that while some students have already tried out the quizzes, many have not. Please go ahead and try out the quizzes to receive a grade. If you get the answer wrong, Cogito will have the explanation of the right answer for you. 

MC students will continue to enjoy the Cogito learning environment even though they are at class. And we hope that all students, whether on-campus or online, will enjoy an even more gifted learning environment. 



2021 Curriculum: the Postmodern Era of Pedagogy

We have redesigned our curriculum to seamlessly incorporate both Masterclass course materials and the Cogito learning environment. Our aim is to create an even smoother pathway to AL1 for our L012 students (we will discuss this even further in a later email) as well as enhance and globalise the syllabus for L345 students.

Many of you have already experienced our globalised curriculum that incorporates elements of the SSAT and TOEFL junior; we will begin infusing our L345 curriculum as well with elements of the SAT and GRE. 

Academia might be 7 years old, but our expertise in crafting curriculum goes well further than that — the directors of the centre have decades of experience crafting curriculum in the MOE or at other mass-market centres. The Academia curriculum therefore represents the pinnacle of this curricular perspective, infusing multiple perspectives and technological developments into an experience that we believe is unique not only in Singapore but also the world. You can be assured that we always push ourselves to remain at the bleeding edge of the learning experience.

Masterclass course materials have been once more upgraded in what we now call the "Postmodern Stage" of our curriculum pedagogy, focusing on higher-order and globally desirable skills including metacognition and meta-analysis, self-awareness and sensitivity training during the writing process, creative and aesthetic stimulation — all while keeping a close eye on the examination requirements. 



Virtual Classrooms launch for Masterclass Online Students

We are also excited to announce that our team is getting ready to launch our Virtual Classrooms for all MO students. We believe that the Virtual Classrooms are an improvement on the Zoom classrooms, allowing us to schedule the classes in advance so you merely have to click on the upcoming class in Cogito at the right time.

More importantly, we will be recording all Masterclasses so our students can rewatch the lesson at any time in the Cogito platform. Both MC and MO students will have access to these recordings. 


Digital Matriculation: Test-run our Virtual Classrooms

To ensure a smooth transition to the new system for you, we have scheduled a digital matriculation process to allow you to test-run the new Cogito platform's Virtual Classroom function.

More information can be found in the email sent to you.

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