We teased about our digitalisation project last month: we have more information now. Find out more about our existing and new tiers as well.

The Update We Promised: Cogito & Tiers

We know many of you have been patiently waiting for us to give you more information about how 2021 will bring about exciting new developments for our students and clients. And for those of you who already registered — surprise!

Introducing Tiers

Many of you have already noted that we planned to develop different tiers of service. These tiers reflect the digital enhancements we have selected and will allow you to choose the learning experience that simply works. For those of you already attending our classes, you have experienced our signature Masterclasses — either online or on campus. We would recommend that you continue to select Masterclasses next year and have the flexibility of choosing either Online or Campus experiences. 

Introducing Cogito, powered by Brightspace

Starting next year, all Masterclass students will gain access to our new learning platform, Cogito. Cogito is powered by a leading global tech provider, Brightspace, that many global educational institutions also use. It was a natural fit for us: Brightspace was developed by educators, for educators. Cogito will provide your child with additional resources and exercises as we migrate all of the online quizzes, videos and worksheets into this exclusive learning space, just for you. We plan to begin providing our registered 2021 students with their login and passwords in December and will provide sessions before the year starts to help onboard our clients. 

Masterclass Online

Our classrooms had already successfully spanned the digital space. We wanted to increase accessibility and efficiency while retaining high levels of engagement and interactivity between students and teachers. Even today, our Masterclass Online courses remain a popular tier of choice. As we adapt to the rising trends of digitalisation, our Masterclass Online courses surged in popularity at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, with students joining us specifically for online classes. Some students seem to appreciate the luxury of being able to attend classes from the comfort of home. In 2021, online classes will take a dramatic leap forward as we transition from Zoom to virtual classrooms hosted in the Cogito system. 

Masterclass Campus

While digital solutions have proven to be remarkably effective for many students, we recognise that the special human touch and in-person instruction may be advantageous for some students who are more extroverted. Our Masterclass Campus courses are catered to students who tend to be more proactive in person, so they can enjoy an immersive, grounded experience. To ensure all Campus students each get sufficient attention from our Ts, Masterclass Campus courses are limited and more exclusive. These classes are compliant with government regulations and may change depending on aforesaid regulations.


Transcend the limitations of time and space with our new course tier — Glassroom. While Masterclass courses are designed for students who wish to commit to a fixed schedule, Glassroom classes are a wonderful fit for independent and self-directed learners who enjoy the flexibility of moving at their own pace. Richly endowed with a wealth of curated, exclusive materials accessible on our up-and-coming Cogito platform, students enjoy on-the-go learning as and when it fits their schedule. This flexibility and transparency is definitive of our Glassroom experience, perfectly encapsulating the notion of learning without barriers or opacity. Glassroom will be available early next year. 

All Glassroom materials on the Cogito platform are the same as those that have been made available to Masterclass students.


If you are working towards a specific target and require exclusive, unique and tailored guidance, our Private consultations may be just the ticket. With these exclusive one-to-one sessions, you will be matched with a T selected based on your specific needs and learning style after a consultation with our Cogito managers. For clarity, please note that these consultations are meant to be limited programmes to meet short-term goals and are not designed to be long-term programmes. 

2021 Registrations, ongoing

For those who have not yet registered for 2021 Masterclasses, we invite you to do so as many slots are already quite full (if not already full). Should Phase 3 allow for more students in a pod, we will make those slots available. However, it is worth noting that we will prioritise students who have already successfully registered for other Online or Campus slots and have indicated a preference for another time slot.

Please contact us at our Cogito Front Desk by dropping us a message via WhatsApp at +65 9777 3532. Alternatively, you can email us at learn@academia.com.sg. To arrange a call to find out more from our Cogito Managers TCG, MSH or SSM, let us know in the WhatsApp message to the aforesaid number and we will schedule a call for you.

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