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World Environment Day with Academia

Keeping up with World Environment Day that fell on 5th June this year! World Environment Day is started by the United Nations as their primary vehicle for driving environmental efforts and awareness. It is hosted by a different country each year, with a different theme.

The theme for 2021 is Ecosystem Restoration. This focuses on the restoration and conservation of ecosystems that have been destroyed or degraded over the years.

In Singapore, there are many ways in which we are encouraged to participate in efforts to uphold the integrity of our ecosystem. This includes beach clean-ups, which you can do on your own time and initiative, or join the many groups that organise weekly clean-up sessions.

World Environment Day 2021 encourages us to make efforts for our environment in three broad categories: Action, Choices and Voices. We have curated the tips in general to cater to our society as well as the current context!

With take-away or delivery as the default option as of late, the use of disposable/single-use plastic containers has increased significantly. Individually, we can make a difference by utilising the many recycling bins made easily accessible at our residential areas.

Do remember that you have to rinse the container and empty it of any food waste as otherwise, it cannot be recycled. Alternatively, you can opt to bring your own containers when doing a take-away!

Furthermore, if you have accumulated a lot of old worksheets, notes and textbooks you no longer need, you can also recycle them if you're not passing them on! If you were wondering, Singapore recycling bins do also accept shredded paper.

The choices you make and your actions are closely intertwined notions. It may be hard to take action if you are caught in an uncomfortable position, like the unbearable, sweltering heat we've been engulfed in lately.

As we turn to the air-conditioner for relief and for a more conducive working environment, we can still make a more environmentally-friendly choice. Instead of the freezing 18 degrees, increasing the temperature makes a massive difference and will help in reducing your own personal carbon footprint. The recommended temperature is 25 degrees celsius.

Finally, our voices. To speak about a topic empowers it and grants it greater awareness in our society. Speaking about World Environment Day and other eco-conscious topics throughout the year acts as a constant reminder for us to make better choices for our environment in our lives.

Academia's folder is crafted using Kraft paper, that is an environmentally-friendly paper option! It is also designed to be used in various ways and for a long period of time to reduce wastage.

Have you been making environmentally-friendly choices? We encourage you to do so!

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